Time To Know About The Advantage Of PR1MA

The PR1MA has recently announced a significant number of new housing projects across the Malaysia and they are now open for booking. If you belong to the middle income group and planning forward to buy a new houses, this could be the perfect government introduced scheme for you.

Just like most of the people, you also have a dream to purchase a home of your own but the only problem is your budget. Unfortunately you don’t have enough budget to afford the cost of buying  a new home and in that case PR1MA could be the best scheme for you.

The current booking phase has already opened under this particular scheme and it includes the properties in Johor, Malacca, Kula Lumpur and many other significant places of Malaysia. All of these are the well knoImage result for PR1MA House Form Malaysiawn names for the Malaysian real estate project.

Now it’s time to know what PR1MA actually is-

This particular body was built by the Malaysian government in the year of 2012 and the main objective behind this particular scheme is to build affordable housing projects for people belonging to the middle income group and the real estate projects have been mainly built on the prime location of Malaysia. The prices of all the PR1MA projects range from RM 100,000 to RM 400,000.

Now you should know about the procedure to register under this particular scheme. As you already know the fact that this particular project was primarily designed to help people belonging to the middle income group to buy properties at the affordable cost without breaking their budget. In order to register yourself under this project, it is really important to meet some certain criterions  and these include-

You must be the citizen of Malaysia.

The minimum age should be above than 21 years

The monthly income should be ranged between RM 2,500 to RM 10,000.

You should not own more than one property

If you successfully meet all the criterions, you can easily register yourself under this particular scheme.

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